Now that you know what journey we are on, let me introduce the owners of these 10 footprints.
This is my Romeo and I. He is the most amazing man, he is my knight in shining armor, my hero, my protector, and the Love of my life! We are still madly in love after 9 years of marriage.
Then we have the first little man who entered our lives. Kai. He is going to be 6 years old already this year! Where does the time go!?? Kai loves to play lego and anything involving fine motor skills.
After him, we have Ellie Bean who will be 4 this year. Little miss diva. She loves her baby doll Amelia, who comes with us everywhere. Ellie bean changes her clothes at least 3 times a day... Her favorite thing to do is play baby dolls and birthday party and wrapping things up as presents for Amelia's birthday party..
And last but certainly not least. Mr. Gabe. He will be 3 this year. He loves Tonka trucks and tractors and following Kai and Ellie Bean around everywhere. He is fearless just like the other two, and very, very protective of his sister. He is always full of funny.
And we also adopted two kitten brothers from the humane society last fall. The kids are still trying to come up with names for them, they are affectionately referred to as "fat cat" and "skinny cat" until we have decided on their names.

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  1. LOVE this family and their 10 footprints!
    (and the 8 little paw prints)