oh where is my jump drive?

I so promised that I would have picture of the new playroom, but I cannot find my jump drive for my memory card at the moment and unfortunately I cant put the picture up today, but tomorrow, as soon as I find the jump drive, I will add a special post specifically for the play room pictures. As far as the purging goes, I am all done upstairs. WAHOO!! I'm so excited about that. Now the only rooms left are the school room, the sewing room, and the kitchen. I am almost there! Tonight I made the first patch for the first blanket. It turned out so cute. I just have to do a little embroidering on it, and then I will take a picture of it. I will also be explaining what each one is for and who it represents. Again, no jump drive..so, no picture. 
 My love has started working his work shifts now, 2 days of work, and 2 days off of work, and then working a three day weekend every other week. Nice, you might say, and it is, but at the same time, when he was deployed for  2 months at a time, I went into a different role, as both Mom and Dad, doing everything under the sun including cooking, cleaning, bathing, brushing teeth, groceries with all the kids by myself, fixing the car, doctors appointments with all the kids. I was a spider smusher, a princess, a cowboy, a story teller, a protector, a mender, business woman, entrepreneur, landscaper, etc. plus more, so this is a complete adjustment for me and him as well. He doesn't have to work as hard all the time, which is something he loves because it helps pass the time, and I haven't figured out how to have a neutral mode that works for both when he is working and when he is off. It's an adjustment, but soon enough we will have a schedule and a new life style figure out. 
I'm excited for that day to come!
Look for tomorrows post about the new updated play room. Its fun, and the kids are soo in love with it. Jelly Bean was grinning from ear to ear when she saw all of the part decorations going up! She is always playing birthday party and we are always singing happy birthday to Amelia, her doll baby. 

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