The Blur of Saturday!

Today was a VERY busy day for everyone! I had another Farmers Market today and God blessed me with another $100 in sales, which will directly go to the adoption fund!!!! Im soo excited! The Market was from 
9am - 1pm this morning, so I was there the whole time, and Jordan went to church with the kids and spent another 4 1/2 hours working on the grounds at church and the kids played on the new playground equipment that was recently donated to the church. Our kids are loving it alot!Around 12 Jordan came back and helped me pack up my space and then we headed straight over to a Pizza Place where there was a get together to meet new spouses of the station where Jordan works. The kids were excited about Pizza and I was excited that it was Free!! After that we picked up a few things from the Grocery Store. We got home and it sort of became a blur. I was so exhausted that I actually had a nap. It wasn't long but it was so good and I felt totally re energized afterwards which was good because then Jordan went to the movies with one of the guys from work. Just as he was about to leave there was a torrential down pour of rain for at least 10 minutes. It was just a white sheet of wet coming down, so he wasn't allowed to leave until there was actual safe visibility. The kids are now in bed and we are going to put our feet up with some salsa and chips and watch a chick flick till we both pass out! I hope your day was as much of a blessing to you as our day was to us! 


  1. I'm happy to hear your market sales are so successful! Love you all!

  2. I love your life. I love you all. :)