The Splendor of a Spider

Tonight I went to church for worship practice. The kids had to come with me, obviously since they are still too young to be home by themselves yet. I always leave worship practice feeling like I have so much energy. The songs were awesome and the bonding as a worship team is always so fun!
When we got home it was dark outside. Now, I have learned over the past few years that we lived in this house that there are like a bajillion different spiders in our backyard. BIG ones an little ones...either way...a spider is a spider..eeegh. They kind of creep me out here because there are So many different kinds and some of them are extremely poisonous including but not limited to brown recluse and black widow.. (this is why I hire a bug guy. He takes care of us!) There are some thick big webs back behind our garage that I am very suspicious and leery about. SO that area is TOTALLY OFF limits. you never know, there might be a black widow or brown recluse..Anyways, back to my story. So in the backyard there is a grid of spiderwebs that are woven as soon as the sun sets. Its really beautiful and quite amazing. I am trying to make the whole idea of a spider and web, into a lesson. Explaining to them, just how amazing spiders are, and Kai pointed out tonight that they have 8 legs so that they can do lots of things at one time. I showed the kids a spider that was wrapping up an insect and so I explained how they caught the bugs, killed them and wrapped them..They were very intrigued. The spiders make their web once the sun sets and then before the sun rises, the spider "eats up" the web again, and starts all over in the evening.
There is one spider right beside the outside door..He is huge and and creeps me out!He must be including legs, about 1 1/2 inches in circumference. As long as he stays on his web and doesn't try to get into my house...we are cool!

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  1. I should get Nicolle to read this. ;) She HATES spiders. lol