A letter from Golias..

We had a long week last week and a lot of restless nights, but I'm happy to say that, that week is in the past and a new one is here!! Golias was still up to his mischievous self every night, except for the one night that he wasn't placed back on the shelf again. He wasn't able to make it to the North Pole that night, but now every morning as soon as Golias is found, he gets put back on the shelf right where he needs to be.
Saturday night, he was trying to get into Micaiah's stocking..I don't know why...but he got stuck.
"A little help please!"

Last night Kai wrote his letter to Santa. He went through a bunch of newspaper flyers with the other 2 kids and cut out some of the things he wants for Christmas. We decided that we would entrust Golias with the letter and he could bring it to Santa that night and it would get to him right away. 

Getting ready to take Kai's letter to the North Pole
Last night Golias was busy writing a letter to the kids. 

Writing a letter to the kids
"Hi Guys! 
Last night I went to the North Pole to let Santa know how you guys are doing. Kai, I brought him your letter and he told me to tell you that he really liked it. He said he is going to try his best to get you some of that stuff off of your list. 
I also brought you back some seeds. You need to tell your Mom to get something for you to plant them in, and then by tomorrow there will be a special surprise for you! hee hee. I can't wait to see! 
Love you guys! ~Golias

Waiting to be found in the Christmas Tree with his letter.

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