Monster Adoption Yard Sale

This weekend we had our first and most definitely not our last "MONSTER adoption Yard Sale!" It was a great success and we had some very awesome friends who gave up their time off of work and helped. This would not have been a success without them. Over the months we have collected alot of stuff from many families and people that we dont even know from the community who want to support our cause. It continues to amaze me at God's faithfulness.
Here is a panoramic shot of our yard sale. Huge huh! You name it, we likely had it. One of our biggest successes was selling the clothes. Believe it or not. We had $5 fill a bag on clothes, linens and toys. They toys barely got touched. 
Im sure you are wondering how much was made. $1400. Yep. It was alot of work! ALOT. But it was so worth it in the end. We are one step close to our babies! 
God is Good, all the time.

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