The Formal Application

The formal application for is full of questions. Questions about who we are, where we lived, where we have worked for the past 10+ years, what kind of children we are looking for, why we want to adopt, where we want to adopt from and more. It has taken us a few days months to fill out this application, and we are currently still working on it. This application is not THAT long, but during this time, we have really been seeking God, making sure this was His will, placed in our hearts. A few nights ago, we prayed together for a while after the kids were in bed, and spent a few hours together in the Word, and we both had an overwhelming peace in our hearts. Then we started filling out some more of the application. The only thing left to fill out is the "where we have worked for the past 10+ years". I am  SO thankful that I hold onto every piece of paperwork that seems relatively important at the time of entrance into our home. Although while searching for all the pay stubs this morning I ran across a box full of bills that were dated from 2004-2006... I suppose I could probably get rid of those now... Our bills were so much cheaper back then!
I am hoping to submit our formal application today!
Next week we are going on a nice long 26 hour road trip to Colorado! My brother is getting married to his sweetie in 2 weeks, so we are all heading over there for the wedding! I'm excited to see my family again! We leave in a week from today and I still have lots to do. I am making skinny ties for all the groomsmen and my brother, and I made ties for my little men, and my 2 nephews and they are all getting matching suspenders as well. I have 1 of the 4 sets done, so I have got to get that done today. Also I am making a dress for Jelly Bean. I am waiting on another yard of my fabric. Apparently the 2 I bought aren't enough for the 4T dress I am making her..go figure. Hopefully that will here today and I can finish cutting out the dress! Also my Mom and sisters and I have a  game planned for the reception so I need to finish getting that stuff, oh and then I have to plan out the road trip so the kids have stuff to do while we are en route.I love road trips, and they get easier every year because the kids get older too! I am from Canada, so we take a 20 hour trip up there once a year to see my family! My Romeo is trying to get himself vamped up for the trip. He drives while I passenger..poor guy. He doesn't like when I have to drive too, well actually to be honest he says "No" every time I offer, so really I  have no idea why.... well it's time to start some suspenders!

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