The Rescue!

On Friday my Knight in Shining Armor (aka KISA) had to stand duty at work, which meant he had to spend the night on the boat. On Saturday morning I woke up early and Kai was already up, playing his new Star Wars Wii game. Jelly Bean and Gabe were still fast asleep! I always seem to wake up early when the kids have mornings that they sleep in, and I think I have figured out why! Because its too quiet for that time of the morning.7:00 am didn't have its normal noises:  "mom, can I play your phone?" ....spoons clinking bowls of yogurt or cereal that the kids have helped themselves to.... the cats chasing each around the house.... the stroller rolling across the wood floor in the living room and then hitting the divider between the wood floor and the carpet in the school room, 'rolling...rolling...rolling..ku klunk...rolling...rolling..ku klunk"into the bolting after the cats with the stroller in hand, giggling like crazy! 
Yes, 7:00 was too quiet. My love had to be picked up around 9 from work, so I figured that they would be up by then. Jelly Bean woke up about 20 minutes later, and then ten minutes to 9 Gabe wakes up, excited and happy as ever! "Is Daddy home?" ..."not yet buddy, but we are gonna get him in a few minutes. Isn't that exciting!?" .."yeah, anna we get a daddy a work?"... "you betchya!" 
so we go downstairs and he eats 2 spoonfuls of yogurt and then Daddy texts me and says we can come and get him. So I tell the kids to get their flip flops on, its like a flash of light and all of a sudden all of them are around me and on their way out the door with their flip flops on their feet. Even on the right feet! 
We drive on base and go get our daddy and then drive back off the base. Half way between the base and the main road, I see something slowly making its way across the road..sure enough its a little turtle...Daddy didnt see it, until I was driving around it. He said if he was driving he likely would have crushed its skull..lovely thought daddy. Thanks. So I pulled the car over, and Daddy got out and picked the turtle up and brought it over to the car and showed the kids:
Then he starts explaining to the kids why he is holding the turtle the way he is., pointing out the pretty colors on his shell, knocking the hard shell. Showing then where the eyes are, the legs, the arms and the tail.
The kids were so excited and completely fascinated by the turtle. We were able to rescue the turtle from a cruel death by speeding up his walk across a wide stretch of road. 
Be free little buddy! Thanks for letting us admire your beauty! What a magnificent way to a fabulous day with Daddy!

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  1. :) The whole story is awesome.
    Isn't it sweet to see father and children together. Melts my heart.
    WTG Turtle rescuer!