A Relaxing Day

Last night we had some serious thunder and lightening that actually scared Gabe and woke him up and in turn woke up Kai and Jelly Bean.. the ripple effect. It was pretty consistent and extremely loud. So the kids ended up coming to my bed for a bit and tried to sleep. By 2 am the weather had moved on enough to where it was not as audible, so the kids asked to go back to their own room. I was quite OK with that. We all did not get a really great sleep last night, so this afternoon was pretty quiet and the two little ones had naps on the bed and couch, while Kai and me hung out.

I am excited, because we are meeting with our case worker to have a meeting and to pick up our stack of home study paper work. Apparently its alot of paperwork. Thank goodness I like filling out paperwork most of the time! Check out the newest news about the adoption journey tomorrow. Im excited about sharing new information!!

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