So, the exciting news is that we got our paperwork for our home study today!!! Yay!
Isn't that such a nice neat stack of paper? Each of these pages has to be filled out. I'm glad I like filling out paperwork. There is so much we have to do, we all (including the kids) need physicals done and TB tests. We have to get fingerprinted, we have to fill out paperwork for background checks, and child protective services. Background check for all the places we have lived since we were 18 years old which includes FL, AK, and VA. There are fees associated with some of these papers for notary charges, filing fees, etc. We have a lot of paperwork ahead, so I am definitely thankful there will be two of us filling all of this out! 

We know that God's Hand of Protection is upon us, this entire process and the paperwork. We will continue to pray that each and every one of the pieces of paperwork will be placed in the right hands along the way and that all of it will be completed in an expedited manner. We will not allow the Enemy to discourage us from the lengthy process and we will not allow delays or missing information or anything along those lines to keep us from holding onto God's Promises and reassuring comfort. 


  1. Wow, that sure is a lot of paperwork! It would take me a few mins to remember as far back as age 18, even then, I haven't even lived as many places as you two. I guess it's reassuring that they are so exhaustive in their desire to make sure prospective clients are "clean" as far back as that. :)

    ~ Mary

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm glad I don't have to get paperwork done from all the places I've lived since I was 18! As we say in Taiwan: Jia you! (pronounced 'jie yo' = add fuel = keep going!)
    Hope you've got a new pen! <3

  3. You go guys! Very excited that everything is off and running! It's good to know that nothing is going to pop up when they check you out...You've done a great job of being an amazing family!
    :-) love you all!

  4. Seriously?!?!? You like paperwork>?!?!??! Can't stand it. :P I am glad that you don't mind it since it's such a 'nice neat stack'. I'll add my prayers for speedy, correct processing.
    Emily, I love the expression "add fuel". Very appropriate! D and J, just remember the fuel comes from God's strength. :)