A Webinar

Here is a little adoption update for you wonderful readers of ours!
Last night we attended a webinar which is, a seminar over the internet. So basically, its like going to a meeting, which takes place in your kitchen while your husband eats supper, the kids have a movie night in the living room (which includes eating supper infront of the tv!!!) and you simultaneously pack your husband's food for the next 3 days of work, bake cookies, and take notes all that the same time. That my friend, is some serious multi tasking! Don't forget that meeting that was attended at the same time! 
Anyway, so the meeting, it was basically about their older children in the orphanages who need families. There was also a special guest family, who had 5 of their own biological children and then adopted 3 more from Ethiopia! It was so inspiring to listen to them, and my most favorite part about their story was that they knew God was calling them to adopt, and they took that leap of faith, and God provided for them, every step of the way! 
I also learned from them that Ethiopia's Christmas is on January 7th. Upon further research, their New Year is on Sept.11th. This is where you say : "huh, learn sumthin new every day!" I just assumed everyone had the same holidays.I guess now we know how Santa can deliver all the presents to all of the children all over the world on Christmas Eve! hahaha


  1. So exciting! And I always did wonder how Santa did that....now I know!

  2. Big smiles!!!
    Plus, Santa goes to Holland on Dec. 5th!

  3. I think it is also not 2013 on the Ethiopian calendar- strange, huh?