Soon enough..

Last night I did not end up posting my blog because I was up way too late. I was watching adoption "meetcha" and "gotchya" stories of other families on youtube. It was so emotional to watch, and I got so excited because someday  soon enough that day will be ours too!! I can't wait!!
When you have a dream, you have to keep your mind trained on the dream. You need to keep watching, listening and reading things that will keep you encouraged,keep your dream fresh and to remind you, just how amazing your dream is. If we don't have the dream "flowing in our blood" then our dream will slowly fade away, and we will be left with a missed opportunity and blessing that could have been ours.
  I don't know about you dear reader, but I know that I have a dream. I have a dream that involves orphans. 2 sweet little ones who will be ours. 2 sweet little ones I think of often, and pray for frequently.
  I imagine. I imagine them in our family already:
"Well, we wont need a bigger truck, there is just enough room for our 2 little ones"
"This table is going to be a happy squishy table. I am so thankful we swapped tables with our neighbor, because we have benches with this can fit lots of little people on the bench!"
"We are going to have to figure out a new swing situation, because, what child doesn't love to swing?!"
"We are going to have a girl's bedroom for the girl's and a boy's bedroom for the boys!" (how fun!!)
(right now the kids all sleep in the same room, not because they have too, but because they want to)
"Snuggling up all together on the couch watching the latest movie"
"5 little bodies swimming together in the pool"
"Jesus...please help our cats, as they will be severely outnumbered!"
"Going to the park"
"Trips across the country and across the border to see family here and there"
and my list seriously goes on and on. One thing that I try so hard to imagine is when we meet these sweet little ones for the first time. I'm sure I will cry. and then cry some more. And when we have to go back home. I will cry even more.But that's OK.
This is my dream, and I am so happy that you are experiencing this dream with us!  You will defintiely not be disappointed!!

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