Moving On..

This morning, when my love came home from work, I told him about the tragedy that had occurred in my sewing room last night. Being the ever supportive husband that he is, took the whole machine apart for himself and told me it was likely my motor, but we stayed optimistic and thought that while we were out, we'd get some oil for the machine. I got home later on and tried the oil. It didn't sound as squeaky, but it still ceased up and made weird grinding noises. So earlier this evening, I went to a place just down the road that specializes in sewing machines and vacuums.I brought my sewing machine with me and showed the guy. I told him the sad little story. He told me, basically, he could fix it for $90 but dont be suprised if 10 months from now I had to bring it back in. He said it would not be worth my while or money to get it fixed.Deep down I had a feeling he was going to say something along those lines. Half of the shop had sewing machines set up for you to try out. 
Here in the little beauty that is the newest member of the sewing room.
I am still going to keep my other machine. It does work if you sew really slow, which will be good in a few years when the little kiddos are ready to learn to sew...

In other exciting news, tomorrow we are going to be attending a webinair that has more information on adopting from Africa!! Yay! I cant wait!!


  1. That's funny Julie! :)
    At first I was "but it's pink. why does she think it's a brother?" duh! ;)
    Congrats Dianna! Many happy beautiful sewing moments with it. And may it last more than 2 years! :)
    Now... go get those snugglies done. :)