shots and paperwork

Today we had a pretty busy day. Once Daddy got home from work, we went to the hospital to see who needed some immunizations . We found out that only Gabe needed some. So he got his 2 shots and now all of the kids are completely up to date! no one needs any shots till they turn 4 or 11.
The other fun thing that we did today was work on the paperwork!
There is so much detailed paperwork to fill out. We probably spent over an hour just trying to figure out where we lived over the past 10 years. We have both lived in 7 different places, and some of them not even together. It was fun to bring up stories of days gone by and remembering when things were so much cheaper than they are now.
 I keep everything. I am so thankful I do! Because I kept everything, it was so much easier to figure out where we lived , and what our previous addresses over the last ten years were. 
Tomorrow is another day, and we will do a little bit more, and bit by bit all the paperwork will get filled out and we will be done in no time!  

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  1. It was fun reminiscing with you guys! I'm so happy you called! Xox