The Farmer's Market

Today was a really busy day for all of us! Daddy has duty for the next 3 days, so he was at work. This morning the kids helped me at the farmers market in old down town. I do the market and craft shows with 2 of my other friends Kaeli and Amy. My friend Amy is as crazy as me, if not more so. She has 6 kids whom she home-school's and she loves sewing as much as me. I love going to her house because there are bright colors bouncing from one wall to another. Amy has a blog too, which you can check out here. :) Its really fun to read! 
 So like I said, this morning we spent a few hours at the market, and we all did really well and sold alot more than we did last time, and guess what!! Another $120 being added to the adoption fund!! Wahoo! Im so excited! All I can say, is that God is good, and He is faithful in his promises of provision. Here are some shots of the day.
This is our super cute setup
Our Super Cute Setup

Our Aprons


My Snugglies

Later on in the morning Mr. John and Miss Bebe stopped by to say hi, and took the kids on a walk. They came back a while later with ice cream and umbrella's. The kids went to bed with the umbrella's tonight, that's how much they love them! We love Mr. John and Miss BeBe!

After the market was over we packed up and brought all of the stuff home and then left again and went to visit Daddy at work. By the time we were across the bridge all the kids were asleep. They were so so tired. Today was Coast Guard day on the base and we were so excited to get to go on the bounce house things and have some fun, but rain came to the party, and so the only thing we got out of Coast Guard day was a bracelet that would allow us to go on the fun stuff...
The kids were so disappointed. It was 3 by this point, and the day had already been long enough for them. Daddy walked us back to the car and then once everybody calmed down enough we went to Wendy's for lunch. 
It was a very great day!

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  1. I love your booth! Fun colors and so darling. Love those umbrellas too! I bet the kids had a great day.
    Love you!