Toy Rotation

I have two sets of toy boxes for the kids. One set is put away in the closet for a few months and the other set is in their toy room to play with, whenever their hearts desire. In a few months I will rotate the sets of boxes and put the toys they are currently playing with in the closet and pull out the ones in the closet, like I did today, and listen to the kids say something like this:

 "WOW!! What is this?!" 
" Look guys!!"
"Look at THIS big Thomas the train Gabe!"
"Cool, Mr. Potato Head!"
and the voices of excited little children giggling and oohing and aahing goes on for quite a while. Basically, they had Christmas today when toy rotation happened! It was so fun! The best part of all of that, was that we didn't even have to buy them any toys! 
I like doing this toy rotation for a few reasons,
1. Storing the toys doesn't take up as much room around the toy room and leaves more room for them to play with the toys they have. 
2. Their imagination is ignited with all of the new possibilities of fresh toys.
3. They aren't bored with them, and will play for hours in the toy room.
4. You don't need to buy the kids new toys.
Also, it makes me feel more organized. I love feeling organized. Its like having a sense of accomplishment in my day!
Today, the kids got their Mr. Potato Heads back again! 

Creating the Spangler Family Potato Head Style
Gabe and Mommy. Rocking my favorite yellow shoes. (they would be my favorite if I had some!)
Making Daddy.
Daddy, Gabe, and Mommy, all holding hands. 
At that point in time Kai was working on himself, as none other than "Darth Tater"! You can see his black arms and mask on the right.
Gotta love toys that have been in hiding for the last few months! 
I still love Mr. Potato Head! Always have. Always will!  :)

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  1. Fun! Love Mr. 'Tatohead! :-)
    Good idea, rotating the toys. I love the way your kids play and play and play all day. Great childhood memories!