Quilts for the Little Ones

I was inspired by a great idea last night! I am going to make quilts for my little ones. The outpouring of financial support has been soo amazing! Its something that I never want to forget. I want my littles to be reminded daily that they were prayed for, loved, and supported even before we knew them. That each colorful square on their quilt represents someone who helped make our dreams come true, and walked along with us every step of the way on this journey to take them Home.  
The quilts I make are going to be very bright and colorful! Each person who donates money, will be essentially adding a piece to the quilt. I will be adding a block for you every time you donate. I just want to say a huge thank you, to those of you who have already donated financially! It sure means a lot! We are also overwhelmed by all of the support all of you readers have been giving us! I cried the day after I made it public that I had a blog and shared with the Facebook world that we are on this journey. My page views from that morning was 130. That night, over 300!! I was shocked! So thank you so much! 
Also, I will be adding pictures of finished blocks soon! I already have like 5 to make! Yay!

Keep reading, our life is always full of fun and excitement. Especially tonight. My Romeo is presently on the couch miserable with shingles...I gave him 2 mighty powerful painkillers earlier on this evening, and I just checked on his status. He is finally feeling sleepy and not as much in pain....poor guy..


  1. Shingles!? Oh no! Praying for him!

    I love the quilt idea... I'm excited to think of these little ones, one of whom has yet to even be conceived! Jeremiah 1:5 immediately came to mind when I read your previous entry.
    Love you all!

  2. P.S. That's going to be a VERY BIG QUILT! God is so good at providing... it will probably cover your whole house! ;-)