Pretty Much, Never Ever...

This morning I had a conversation with our case worker. She is super excited to work with us! We paid our first amount of money. $550, which is the formal application fee.
    For us, the beginning of the month is the tight part of the month as far as money is concerned. The rent comes out as well as some of the more expensive bills. Here is the most amazing part: The rent was paid, the tithe was taken out, the bills were paid, I bought all the groceries for this half of the month for $160, and we still had $550 left to pay for the formal application fee, I was soo excited! God totally did that!

The next financial step is $3,000. This is the cost for the home study process. We are going to meet with the case worker for an intake interview. basically to get acquainted. She will also be handing us a bunch of paper work to begin filling out. Once all of that paperwork is filled out then there will be 3 interviews. Before the interviews can happen, we have to pay that $3000. 
So as the journey continues, I will update you on the next phase or step, that we take.

In talking with the intake coordinator of the agency we are working with I got a little discouraged. 
As you know, we want to adopt a sibling group. From her experience she strongly suggested for us not to adopt older than Gabe who will be 3 in December because of birth order disruption. meaning, placing kids between Kai and Gabe. She said that she has seen problems occur in families as a result of this. She made perfect sense, and it was something that never even occurred to me. So, we will be on the Ethiopia track that adopts little ones 0-3.
Here is the "pretty much, not ever" part. Because of the track we are on, adopting little ones, there is rarely if ever, pretty much, not ever, a sibling group.. not only that, the wait time, once the country receives our dossier is 26-32 months. 

I got off the phone, feeling a little discouraged and defeated. Pretty Much not ever was explained with such confidence. 

My mind drifted back to a memory from two days ago. The kids were singing in perfect unison :
 "My God is so GREAT, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, there's NOTHING my GOD CANNOT do!"
Out of the mouth of babe's. God is so great, so strong and so mighty. There is nothing that He cannot do. He turned water into wine, parted the red sea, healed the lame, opened the eyes of the blind, made the deaf hear, fed 5,000 men with 5 small loaves of bread and 2 small fish....
If He can do all of that, then surely he can give us two little ones under the age of three. I am confident of this, and I am confident, that we will not be waiting for 26-32 months either!! 


  1. Amazed by your confidence! So proud of you! You are SO right ... there's nothing our God cannot do! Keep the faith! :) <3

  2. I'm praying for you guys. God has you on the path and everything you encounter will only make you stronger and your testimony powerful.

  3. So excited to see how God will provide these little babies & to see how SOON they will be a new part of our family! Love you! <3