This is Fun Mom!

... I was wondering where that plate went....    = )

Today the kids and me had a super fun day! We cleaned all day!! I don't know about your kids (if you have kids) but I know that mine love to clean. Especially doing something that is not an every day task like, cleaning the floors. They had a field day on the floor in the living room! We have a hardwood floor in there and they were going to town! The floor is very clean now, Im sure some spots more than other, but it was our team work that got the job done! They pretended that they were skating on the floor, and they were on their bellies pretending that they were surfing. Because there was no coffee table in the middle of the room while we were cleaning the floor they took a break and chased each other around in circles giggling their heads off!

Earlier today I was pushing Gabe on the swing and Jelly Bean was running behind the swing, to get to her own swing on the other side of Gabe's swing but not fast enough though.
The swing hit her smack on the right side of her face, and threw her over. Almost like she got clotheslined or something similar to that . Poor baby, it scared the bahookies out her, and because she got hurt and Gabe is very sensitive when it comes to his sister, thought it was his fault and started crying because she was hurt and he felt responsible. Poor guy, then I had 2 crying little ones, so I carried them in the house and we watched a Tinker Bell movie Gabe eventually passed out for his afternoon nap on the couch and Jelly Bean and Kai were off running and playing together.Jelly Bean is now the proud owner of 2 scrapes on the side of her face where swing made contact with her face. 

It is supposed to rain tomorrow and I am very thankful that Jordan had to work and I will not be able to make it to the Market. So I think what we are going to do is paint Dad's desk and maybe book case, and I am going to set out me papers for the kids to color on. I think it will be fun to do that in the garage as the rain comes down. 

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