"The Code"

As this birthday week continues..so does the impossible conversations about birthday presents and birthday parties. Between the age of 0-3 we could sit around the table and discuss what presents we would get the kids. But now..I have to spell everything out and I totally catch Jordan off guard sometimes. So by the time I finish      S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  everything out, I have to start over again, because he missed the first half of the first word. In cases like this I wish that Jordan could speak or at least understand dutch. By the end of the year, Kai is going to know how to read, and then we are going to have to think of another way to talk about it. Yes, we could talk about it after the kids go to bed, and we will. But it is SO much more fun to try and sneak birthday talk in here and there. It builds up the anticipation! ( well for me anyways) I love birthdays! They are so secretive!

Hey! Did you notice the meter went up another $100??!! We are almost half way to our first goal!! We are really excited about it, and God's faithfulness!!

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