It's Party Time Here!!

This is the part of the year when everyone starts having their birthday's and birthday parties. Jelly Bean turned 4 last week and Kai is turning 6 this week! They are going to have a party on Saturday with some of their friends. They are at the age where having a birthday party actually means something to them and it is so wonderful to see their anticipation and excitement grow each day leading to the big day. When Dianna and the kids came this morning to pick me up from work, the first thing Kai said was, "Dad! Guess what? It's going to be my birthday in five sleeps!" He hasn't come to us with a list of presents but every once in a while he will tell Dianna and I what he would like. I hope we can spoil him this year and throw him and Jelly Bean a great party.
There will definitely be pictures to post after the party for sure!

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