Another busy Saturday!

Today was another busy Saturday for all of us. I had another market this morning and added another $60 to the adoption fund!! It was a pretty steady market, and as usual it was fun. The people that are at the market are always so friendly and its really easy to strike up conversations with them. Im at the point now, where I am starting to recognize faces, and we have customers who actually frequent our booth. After the market was over I came home. Jordan spent the morning with the kids, and they had alot of fun together, spending time with Daddy. The kids sure do miss him. I barely exist to them when he is home, so I guess thats kind of my break! This afternoon we took the kids on a bike ride and the last 10 minutes were soo tough for them...In their eyes it was going to take FOREVER!to get home, so we pushed them the rest of the way home and then we cooled off with some popsicles.
Tonight after supper, I went to town and went shopping for the little miss Ellie Bean who is turning 4 on Wednesday. She is so easy to shop for! I think she is really going to like what she gets. :)
I cant wait for her to open up her presents!!

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  1. Finally starting to get caught up with your blog. It has been quite a journey so far. Very excited for you guys. I can see that it a spiritual awakening walk as well, it is great to see how your faith continues to grow through this whole experience. And the bigger the mountain, the more we trust. Continue to pray for you guys.