This Week in Review

Dontchya just want to pinch and kiss those cheeks!

Gabe and "Puppy" mowing the lawn

Jelly Bean reading in her rocket ship, pulled by Kai

Their favorite thing to do when we go visit Daddy at work.
Throwing rocks in the water!
Im still madly in love with this guy!
Another sunset over the Base.


  1. Love all the photos!! Those sure are some cute niece & nephews of mine! And Micaiah is such a good big brother, pulling Ellie around like that! And Gabe for mowing the lawn! :)

  2. They're getting bigger (and cuter!) by the day! Thanks for posting photos so we can keep up with you all!
    Love the shot of you two...
    See you in 47 days!

  3. I agree... sweet kiddos and an awesome pic of you two! <3