Why is my schedule dictating my life and why isn't it the other way around?

Tonight's post written by Jordan Spangler
Here I am once again in front of the computer, realizing that this adoption is not going to be easy or quick. I am also frustrated with myself for allowing my schedule to dictate my life and not the other way around. I have to admit, this work schedule is not working for me. Wait a second, I've said that before, haven't I? Well, no changes there and with each week that passes and our fundraising being nearly non-existent, I have to wonder if I am perhaps waiting for something to happen. Yet I know that isn't how it works. Waiting doesn't get results. Now, waiting on the LORD is a different matter but while we wait on Him, we must also work within His Glory and Promises. We WILL conduct fundraisers and we WILL complete all hundred-something pages of the paperwork and we WILL stand victorious over this process. Remember, the victory and the prize are not at the end, they are now...today, tomorrow, each passing week. Like the bumper-sticker says, "Let go and let God." I've never been a fan of christian catch phrases. Phrases or acronyms like F.R.O.G or WWJD or the bumper sticker previously mentioned but the fact is, it really is that simple. Didn't Jesus use parables when He spoke to people about God's Love and His Kingdom which we are co-heirs of through Christ? God told us to adopt from Ethiopia. It's just that simple.
Dianna and I are experiencing a test of faith right now. The adoption is not the only journey we are taking. We are seeing God use people and circumstances to show (and remind us) that He is in control.
Just today after the Sunday service at church, we were confronted by the leadership of the church and told that they would have to look further into a program that Dianna wants to start at the church. She is very passionate about this program and would love to spear-head it. Yet, she was disappointed with their answer but I told her, "How can we say we are trusting God for the adoption; something way WAY bigger than us and yet get worked up over an answer from man that we disagree with?"
And then there is the issue about homeschooling our children in the great state of Virginia. We received a letter in the mail saying that the education board would have to hold a meeting with Dianna and I to present our reason for wanting to home-school our children based on the religious exemption act. It's another wrench in the works but not a show-stopper yet is stands as another obstacle we must get through. Discouragement is not in God's vocabulary. We will meet and present our case and one way or another, we will home-school our children.
I look forward to this week. I am praying for victory over this week, over my work schedule and over this meeting with the education board. God's Promises are Yes and Amen and in Him is the victory over the battle. God has opened my eyes to see that over the last couple of months my personal schedule has dictated my life. I will not live that way. My family deserves better than that, my walk with my Savior deserves better than that and for Heaven's sake, two little babies in Africa certainly deserve better than that.

Thank you for your time, your prayers and financial support. Please let others know about our blog and remember to live victorious each day in Him.
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." Romans 1:16


  1. Well I'm obviously not adopting two babies from Ethiopia, but I'm right there with you with trusting the Lord for financial things & for having victory in Him, because that is what He promises us when we are obedient to Him. And I suppose what I need to remember is that it is, in fact, as simple as being faithful in the small things & trust that the Lord will take care of the rest. Money, time, family, work, etc.
    I love you, Jordan. You're doing great & I'm so proud of you two & the way your beautiful children (even the ones that aren't there yet!) are being raised!

  2. awwww Jordan... it's so frustrating when the 'ways of men' get in the way of God's plans and our enthusiasm for doing His will. Stand strong, keep praying (and we join you in that) and God will bless you! So proud of you and Dianna.