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Pinterest for me is like Facebook for others.. its just never know what you are gonna find on your next scroll down the page.
 "Well... just one more scroll more..."
"Ooooohh I have got to make that!!!"  PIN.
"Oh what else can I make now.. wow there is some great stuff on this page!"
 I end up following link after link and pinning idea after idea. PIN. PIN. PIN.
2 hours later After a realize the kids should probably eat something and you have to force yourself to get off of Pinterest...This is part of the reason I try not to get hooked during the day and leave it until the little kiddos are in bed.
Thanks to pinterest and lots of other crafty thinking people out there, I took advantage of my gloomy rainy Saturday and made some stuff I have wanted to make for a while, inspired by pinterest :

This is a little heart pillow I wanted to make for a while. I used burlap instead of cotton because the theme in our bedroom is black, white and burlap. I stenciled on the word LOVE and then painted it in. 
I am still going to make the pillow in the tutorial because it is so ridiculously cute! here is a link if you wanna make your own! 

And here is my new earring holder that I have been trying to make for over a year now! I cant decide if I like the picture just by itself without the earrings on it. I'm going to leave it up like this and then decide! Again, black and white and burlap because its going in my room! Here is a link to the original idea from Pinterest.

Hooray for little victories!! :)

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