The Love of the Father.

 I can't believe how long it has been since we put in our last entry. During this time, God has been so faithful and has renewed the vigor and fire to fill out this paperwork. It is a tedious and long process. In the beginning I thought "Whoo, we are gonna have this filled out in No time at all!" and then weeks drag into months and here we are still filling it out. God has been so faithful and patient with us. I think, even though I hate to admit it, we have been hoping that God would provide all of the finances for us before we finished the paperwork.
 God is a faithful God. He is going to provide it all for us. Our mindset and prayers have changed from, "Lord continue to bless this process and provide all the finances that we need, to, Lord continue to bless this process and give us discernment and clear minds to fill out this paperwork. " We know that God is going to provide for us, however, we need to do our part and trust Him, and fill out our paperwork in faith.
 So last night after we studied the Bible together for a while and listened to a sermon we pulled out our paper work in faith, and God provided the answers for us that we needed. We were up till midnight. Our minds were getting dizzy with answers and white out became our new best friend.
 We are transparent and honest with you about our struggles and our joys because there is a story to be told . If this whole journey was sunshine and lollipops then God would not be known and the King of all Kings and the Deliverer and our stronghold  and Faithful One.
  Most of the people in the Bible had times of doubt, and some would even question " God, where are you? Where are you in my time of need? Are you not the God of our forefathers, show yourself faithful!" It is human nature and sin that causes all of us to have times of doubt and frustration, but God continually loves us and forgives us. As soon as we surrender ourselves to Him and admit we cant do it without Him, then, God says, "Finally! Good, now I can show you what my Mighty hand can do for you! I own the cattle of a thousand hills, I care for the birds of the air. I paint the lilies of the field, and care deeply for the little sparrows. How much more valuable you are to me. I cause the winds to blow, and the rains to fall, but at my voice, they still immediately. I have formed every single snowflake and not one of them is the same."
 The other night, God spoke to me through my pen. I was writing my prayers out to the Lord and He wrote back to me:
 "Dianna, I love you, I care so deeply for you. Thank-you for walking in my step. In my path. I will give you the discipline you need to fight the battles you fight. I will give you victory and my name will be exalted because of your obedience. You and Jordan are going to be used in such a big way and my name will be declared greatly because of you. You are the vessel that holds captive my peace. I adore you. You are mine, and you are in my hands. No one can touch you. I am your peace and your guidance."
  I just love God so much..

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