Hey Yo! Its the catch up post!

I think an update is much over due. There have been so many times we have every intention of updating the blog, but then life takes over and well... here we are today. Almost a month from the last post..my apologies. Now to catch everyone up on our month.

October brought us some punmpkinny fun. The kids enjoyed carving pumpkins this year. Kai carved his all by himself this time, and Jordan and I carved Jelly bean's and Gabes.

This year the kids got to go trick or treating too. 

Then last week Jelly Bean and me went out on a date. We went to some thrift stores and then we went to Dunkin Donuts and we each got a whole big donut and lemonade.She LOVED it!
Jordan's mom flew here and is visiting us for a few weeks. We are all enjoying her company alot. The kids have been keeping her really busy playing board games, walking to the park, playing tea parties and baby dolls, going on vacations and all kinds of other things that grammies like to do with the kiddos.
Tomorrow we are going to head over to the Children's Museum and have some fun!
Yay for fun outings with the Family!

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