The Sounds of Christmas time..

Yesterday we quite a day and night. We went to the hospital to go see a doctor.Jelly Bean and Gabe have been running fevers and their throats are pretty full of phlegm. Their tonsils are "kissing cousins" as the doctor put it, and pretty irritated. They are so frustrated with their coughing and their voices... Jelly Bean said her voice went on a vacation. So did Gabe's. We saw a really nice doctor and they did a strep swab to make sure they don't have strep, but the doctor said that they just have a really bad viral cold and there isn't really anything to do except let it take its course. Make them comfortable, get lots of liquids etc. So our house has been a sick house, and I am really glad that we don't have a busy week. Last night was a long one and Gabe came to bed with us around 4 and then he slept in until about 9:30. We are all kind of exhausted..except for Golias.
Golias had a nice leisurely marshmallow bath all night long..
staying sweet..
We managed to decorate the tree before the doctor's appointment yesterday. I took a picture of it last night to show how cozy the living room looks with glow of a Christmas tree. There is nothing like a live tree that makes the room smell like Christmas. I don't even mind cleaning up pine needles, its all part of the holidays.
Our 2013 Christmas tree

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