And he shall be called...

We had a really fun packed day yesterday! We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch with Daddy, and then went to the movie "Frozen" which was really good. I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice clean child friendly movie. Its pretty funny! After the movie, we went to the local Garden Nursery, and got our Christmas tree!! I will post pictures of it tonight. 
    Our elf has a name! He has been name Golias. (pronounced like Goliath except remove the th and pronounce the s) The kids were so excited when they woke up yesterday to find Golias. They looked everywhere! They decided to take a break and get some breakfast, and when they opened the fridge, lo and behold, they found him. Once he had been found, they were trying to figure out how in the world he managed to get into the fridge. They concluded after talking about it for a bit, that Santa came with him and opened up the fridge so he could go in there and stay cool, because its cold in the North Pole. 
I love their little imaginations!
Last night Golias must have been so exhausted from the trip back that he needed to get some sleep. He kept his eyes wide open to make sure the kids wouldn't find him before it was time to wake up.
"Catching up on some Open Eyes"
Sleeping on a pillow of tissues

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