There is Treasure Everywhere!

Yesterday I went for a little drive around the neighborhood looking for some more treasures. It's garbage day today so everyone gets rid of the stuff they don't want anymore and puts it by the road hoping that people like me will drive by and rescue it before the garbage truck with the huge claw comes by and picks it up and obliterates it into little pieces... I have to be honest and tell you that I never thought I would be that person that would be driving by and picking up other peoples trash.. but here I am doing what I can to add to this Monster Yard Sale that will be happening next month! Yesterday I got a text from a friend. ( who is super exited that I am doing this whole picking up stuff from the side of the road and storing it in my garage. She loves picking stuff up too but has to pass the stuff by usually because she has no room to do this) There was a nice big pile of chairs and stuff by the road. I went on a whim with another friend and when we got there, the pile was still there. We picked it all up! I have this ability to fit alot of things into a little space. Turns out this was a pile of 4 chairs and a table with a leaf! I got it all in the truck!
A whole dining set for free! I am pretty excited about it!
I can't wait to find some more stuff! It has dawned on me this week that if I am having a yard sale in a few weeks that I better get busy and start organizing and pricing all of my stuff! I'm very thankful that I have so many friends who are willing to help me organize and price these things with me! 
Have a happy Tuesday everyone! 


  1. I want to come help you go through everything & get ready for that yard sale! And maybe find a few new treasures too. Haha.
    Can't wait to see how well it goes!
    And can't wait to be there in September!!!! :)