All over again...Yay!!

Last week we received a brand new packet of home study paperwork...our old address was written on all of the paperwork that asked for current address, which is no longer our current address but our old address which makes non of the paperwork correct anymore.... yay for filling out the same paperwork for a second time! (cue enthusiastic hurrahs!!) So, I started filling out all of the paperwork all over again.
A hint for anyone reading this blog who may be adopting... don't fill out your paperwork if you think you will be moving in the next year...just wait, or do your home study super quick!!.. in record time so that you don't get caught like us, doing it all over again.
Have you been watching the meter on the right slowly creep up!!!?? I'm so excited and love how God provides for all of our needs and in the most unexpected ways.
One of my favorite things to do is walk with the Lord and follow Him. As I am picturing this journey through adoption, I envision us walking through a thick jungle . The only person you can see is the Guide in front of you, taking you through the thick brush, cutting a path with a machete and safely leading you through the brush. When you look back behind you, you see a very straight, very neat path that you have walked. There is safety and a sense of security when you put your life in His hands. You trust Him because He knows the path, when all you see is a thick jungle all around you. You put your life in His hands because you are His child. He died for you. He is training you. On our paths we all encounter different struggles and challenges, there are rocks and sticks that we may trip over, or pits we may fall into, but His hand is right there to pick us up from our tumbles and our stumbles. He picks us up, brushes us off and says:
 "Alright, are you ready to follow me again?"  
"Trust me, I know what I am doing."
"Where I am taking you is going to be above and beyond what you could even fathom! I can't wait for you to see it!! I'm so excited!!"
"I love you, and all I want is the very best for you!"
"Trust Me"
So, here we humbly go, following our Guide, through uncertainties and trials, thick brush, blind to what God sees so clearly. We follow his footsteps, pace by pace, moment by moment, and day by day.
1 foot print at a time.

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  1. ooooo, that gave me goose bumps. Love the analogy of the jungle and our Guide.