Has anyone seen the time??

I feel like I say "man it's been a while since I posted..." more often than I would like. Life around here has been so hectic over the past couple of months that I can barely think. I have been spending a lot of time clearing my mind and getting set for this next year. I have been busy planning out the school year, Starting school, celebrating 10 years of marriage to the love of my life, Jelly Beans birthday..she is 5 already! say what?? yeah..its crazy how fast time flies. Kai is turning 7 on Sunday...holy moley..we also have all of Romeo's family coming here to our little side of town. They planned a family reunion here so that we could actually make it. It was very sweet of them. We are looking forward to seeing Tante's (that what we call aunts in dutch) our Gray Gramma and Gray Papa, extended aunts and uncles and Grammie and GranBob. It is going to be a jam packed 2 weeks but it should go by fast. I have this thing where I make a list of last minute things that I like to do before my family gets here. I KNOW that I am not the only person that does this sort of thing. But my goal is to repaint and reupholster 6 dining room chairs that I got at a thrift store for $30 and a rice bed frame that I found on the side of the road. It needs a paint job and a little wood glue, but other than that..its in great condition. What is a rice bed you ask? Here is a little history on the bed : Rice Bed.
Jelly Bean is finally going to have her own bed instead of sleeping on an air mattress that has be inflated again every night ( can I just say how annoying that is) company is coming and they need a place to sleep..
I have also been unbelievably busy with the farmers market that I go to every week to sell my products that I sell. In fact I have been having such a hard time keeping things in stock that I have temporarily closed my shop because my inventory sells out so quickly.
I have come to a realization that sometimes I take on too many things. I like to think I can do anything and that I am as invincible as Wonder Woman..but I admit I can't do it all. And along with the realization that I have a lot on my plate is the realization that I don't let people help me all the time either. So.. I am trying to work through that and let other people help out.
Oh, did I mention my garage is full again?? well..it is. Maybe when family is here I can make that a work project..organize and price. See..I am working on it.
One thing that is helping me greatly is that fact that I am getting super organized. It's amazing how much time is consumed when we are thinking about what to do, where to start, what to blog, what to teach, what to paint first, where to clean first, that by the time you actually decide what to do, you realize time is up and its time to start doing something like cooking or supper will be late..
I will be sharing the ways that I am getting organized in the hopes that it might help you out, and give you an extra five minutes to your day! It's so awesome when your house is clean, your food is in the crock pot cooking, and all the this and that's have a place..clean house..clean mind.
Have a great day my faithful readers. Expect to hear from me more often, I have scheduled a time for my blogging too!

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  1. :D You wear your cape well. Plus, you know when to take it off for drycleaning! Good for you!