What's going on now..

I decided that instead of writing another post about how fast these last few weeks have gone by, I would tell you instead that I finally cleared off my camera card and loaded up the pictures onto the computer! I know my family will be thrilled to see pictures of their grankids, niece and nephews...
The Coolest Rider in Town!
 "Check out this cool trick Mom!"
This little truck is Little Mans most favorite thing in the world to play on. He drives this thing everywhere until it runs out of juice. Every night after this truck gets put back in the garage, this guy plugs it in to charge so its ready for tomorrow's great adventures around the yard.

Me and my Girl
This is 2 hours of waiting at the doctor's office for Jelly Beans physical for the adoption paper work.
It took forever! But we finally got it done with!!! She always has a smile and the most awesome and adorable little laugh you have ever heard! 

Hands on Learning!

What did this Man learn to do while Grammie and GranBob were visitng? He helped put together a new swing set! He is such a big help with everything and as sweet as they come!

More to come on the swing set! The camera on my phone is no longer working so I actually have to use my DSLR. Oh.. My.. Goodness..    The picture quality is way better anyways! 
                                                        Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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  1. You're right... this Tante LOVES to see pictures of your adorable ones! <3