Its our birthday!!!

So, What do you do when you have the same birthday as your husband? You look for as many free birthday deals as possible!
We started off our day by going to Ihop for breakfast. 
In the afternoon we went bowling. Here are a few pictures! 

So excited that we are going to bowl for 2 hours!
You get to wear cool shoes!

This is me, getting ready to bowl a strike!

Daddy getting on his form and his game!

Eyeing the center pin! This dragon is awesome!

Getting everything all centered.

oohh this 12 bowling ball is heavy!!
The kids beat the pants off of their Mom, and no one got a gutter ball! But I think that had something to do with the bumpers being up.... When out time was up at the alley we went to Red Robin and got a free hamburger and only had to pay for the drinks and the kids! We had such a fun day and the kids thought it was awesome that we had the same birthday and got to do all of this fun stuff for cheap! I think this is going to be a fun thing to do every year around this time. We were going to go and and get our free Starbucks drinks yesterday, but we were a little full of free food at that point and decided we would hold off until next week when we can really enjoy our free drinks! Our birthday is now the gift that keeps on giving all October long!! 
                                       Happy October everyone!

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  1. That's awesome Dianna! How fun! :) and eeeeeeeeeee... the kids are adorable!!!! Miss you all!