Check 1..Check 2

 It's only Tuesday, but it feels like the end of the week! We are really pushing to get our Home Study paperwork turned in before the end of the month. Yesterday, I had one last thing to do at my doctor to complete my physical. The office is about half an hour away from home.
 So we headed over there around twelve or so, to get that taken care of quickly. What I have to come to realize is that I have an awesome doctor, but that everything else about that office is slow. You never go to the doctor thinking, OK, quickly get in and get out. You are lucky if you get out of there in under 2 hours. While I went in, My Romeo stayed outside in the car with the kids. Eventually I got out there and Romeo tried to start the car, but the battery was dead! Not only that, but so was his phone, and mine had about 10% left before it was dead as well. There was no one around that could jump us, and there was a tree in front of the truck, so we were very stuck. There was a mall a little ways down the road that we all walked to. We went to the Sears there and they let us borrow a jump kit. So while the Daddy walked back to the car, The kids and I went to the food court and got some lunch and waited for Daddy to come back and pick us up again. After all was said and done, we got home at 5:30. That was that day gone.
Then this morning, Skinny Cat had a laceration on his leg, that most definitely needed some stitches. So I took the cat to the vet and paid an arm and a leg for that but he now has a rabies certificate as well as stitches and the rabies certificate is another piece of paper we need for the paperwork as well.
Three hours later, I was finally home. The fat cat and Zeke (our bunny) both have appointments next week to get their rabies certificates, and we will be able to check off another box.
What an eventful two days!!


  1. Oh no! Sad!
    Well, all's well that ends well... or something like that.
    Love you guys!

  2. Well, I'm impressed with Sears for letting Jordan take a jump kit. Wow. See... God works in all things. Quite a day. Glad you made it through it.