Katy did it!!

Yesterday little man and me found this awesome little guy. It is a living leaf. It even feels like a leaf. Talk about some awesome camouflage! 

So what is this insect you may ask? After some googleing "green leaf bug", found out that is called a Katydid. It got its name because of the sound they make. Their repetitive clicks and calls sound like some one is calling "Ka-ty-did". They are related to crickets and grasshoppers and have large back legs for jumping. They also have wings and will fly away when they feel like they are in danger. 
And....that is your lesson on insects for the day! 


  1. I haven't seen a Katydid in forty years! Nice that Little Man got to see it!
    God makes cool stuff, huh?

    Nice to see you blogging again! :0)