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This morning I wanted to talk about our church. We worship with Time Square Church, which is located in New York. Obviously we don't live in Time Square, New York. So, as all of our friends and family ask:
How do you go? No, we don't leave on Friday and arrive in time for church on Sunday.
    We stream church live. We sit in our living room as a family. we worship the Father as a family, we pray as a family, we have the privilege of tithing, we listen to a sermon that God has inspired our pastor to preach, and after the sermon we fall  to our knees in repentance, in conviction, in awe of the Sovereign One having a desire to serve Him more, to love Him more, to Praise Him and to give all of us unto Him.
The next statement usually is: Oh. Well, I feel like it is my responsibility as a Christian to tell you that you need a body of believers. You don't have that if you just sit in your house listing to something online. You need to be in the presence of believers so you can grow.
  Several months ago we left the church we were attending since we moved here. Why we left is not something that needs to be discussed on my blog. It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. After we left there, we looked for months, going from church to church to church, seeking desperately to find a stream of water that would feed our hearts that were so parched. Week after week the search became more and more desperate. But, in that search, our own search in the Scripture began. The more we poured in the Scriptures the more we were filled, the more hunger we had after God to search the Scriptures to become more like Christ. Instead of filling our lives with media that this world offers us, we started listening to sermons online and I listened to a four minute clip from a sermon that has stirred everything in me, and challenges me to live my life like I have never lived before.
So, why do we attend a church in our living room? we run, we run from everything that this world has to offer, we run toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. We run, with our eyes fixed on Christ, we run towards his open arms, pursuing God with such a tenacity so that we can reach the lost who are ALL around us. 
We are at this church because this is where God has called us to attend. We are being obedient to what He is calling us as our little family of five to do.
I am writing this entry because I need you to know, that this is God's calling on the lives of the people who live under this roof. There are many churches out there who preach the true word of Christ and I sincerely hope that you attend such a church. These are dark times we are living in, and we need to know God like we have never know Him before. 

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  1. You are right, the next question is: "What about the community of believers", because my church family is my extended family.
    However, I respect your choice, and am proud of you that you are following Him - that you love Him and serve Him and seek His will for your lives. Love, Mom and Dad