Monster Yard Sale Number 2

The Overflowing Garage

Yep, It is that time again!! Time for another Monster Yard Sale! The garage cannot contain anything else and what does not fit in there has been making it's way onto the wrap around porch. This is going to be the last one of 2014. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm and I am almost as excited as my husband to empty this place out.
The right side of our garage

The left side of our garage
Proof that it is full to the brim
On Monday morning, we went straight into the garage and pulled out every single thing out of there and then sorted it into different categories 
  1. books
  2. clothes/linens
  3. kitchen
  4. electronics
  5. knick knacks
  6. bathroom
  7. pictures/picture frames
  8. outdoors/gardening
  9. crafts
  10. costumes
  11. shoes
  12. bags/purses 

writing one of thousands of price stickers

I'm not sure about you, but when I go somewhere, I don't like asking for the prices of things. I like to know what I am getting myself into and how in debt this purchase is going to make me go into. If it does not have a price, I am instantly not as much in love with it as I thought I was.
Well, we don't want that to happen at our yard sale, so we put a price sticker on every single piece of item thing that could have a sticker stuck to it.
So as I sorted through trash and treasures, Romeo priced the items. 
Sitting in a sea of books.

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