We have been Accepted!

We did it!! we finally sent in the formal application last week.( My love filling out the rest of the formal application and then clicking the submit button) This application includes alot of information about ourselves, where we worked, family history,medical history, financial information etc. etc....
We got an email two days ago saying that we are approved and will be able to adopt from Ethiopia or Uganda! We are beyond thrilled!! Just thought I'd share that little information with you. Now the next step is to pay the adoption agency a non refundable $550 deposit, and sign paperwork that I have printed off, which we have to read over yet and then send back. 
So, the process has begun! Isn't it soo exciting!! 


  1. Love you guys! Praying for those beautiful babies to come! xox

  2. sooo exciting! Happy to hear that you're 'approved' but we had no worries. Lucky, lucky children to be adopted by you. Love you!