He is..

The presence of the Lord is something quite extraordinary. It is so mighty and powerful. When you tune out everything else that has the world attached to it, and you give yourself up to Him completely... He shows you who He is.
He is Awesome
He is Amazing
He Loves you whether you love Him or not
He Adores You
He is Captivated by YOU
He Created You in His image, for His glory
His Love is like no others
His Love is the only kind of love that will satisfy your broken heart.
He is All you need
He is Alpha and Omega
He is Marvelous
He is Mysterious
He knows everything and nothing can be hidden from Him
He is your Provider
He is the Ruler of the Universe

Don't you ever second guess yourself or let others tell you what they think you should do! When God has called you to do something, you Don't sit around and just wait for it to happen, you go out there and you do it!! Don't you miss out on the calling He has on your life! He wants the glory for all you do. Trust Jesus and lean on Him. Let Him be your peace that passes all understanding. Let Him do what He does best..The seemingly Impossible.... He loves preforming miracles, presenting marvels for all to see. To show those around you just how much He loves you, How much He loves them. To share with people the hope that there is when they confess and believe that He is their Jesus as much as He is yours. Share your Jesus with those who are around you. This world is falling increasingly deeper into sin and despair. There are so many broken people out there looking for a beacon of light. a beacon of hope. a hope to know there is something more than a pitch black in the world,  that there is white as snow which is offered to them freely if they just repent and believe. We cannot be selfish about Jesus... Share Jesus... His Love has No Boundaries..

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