Stealth Mode and Sneaky Like..

WOW! Has it been a while or what!? Can you tell we moved? I am finally getting most of my old routine back into my life again, and it feels so good to have my thoughts mostly together instead of scattered through 11 different rooms in my house all at the same time! Just because we moved doesn't mean we have put the adoption on hold. We are Very busy getting a few things together, among those things, are the "Monster Adoption Yard Sale" that is going to happen sometime in the not so distant future. We have purged a lot of stuff from our house, and we have had some families who have been gracious enough to give us their purged items as well. We are getting a nice little piece of our new huge garage filled up, but we still do not have enough. My new favorite thing to do is scour the sides of the roads for things people set out there to get rid of. I hit a nice little patch on Friday night and went back on Saturday because my friend told me they had a whole bunch more stuff out there, so I went back and picked out what I thought I could use. Mind you this was in the dark, and this is what I came home with....
Yes I a threw the bag in there and quickly shut the door, and it fell out when I opened the door up again!
Barely room to see out the back window
Not bad eh!? Now, I mentioned that I did this in the dark. I feel weird about going through stuff on the side of the road in broad day light. Don't ask me why..I just dont feel as invincible in the day as I do in the night. I was the picture on stealth and invisible last night. This is a really fun thing to do, but one of the down sides to this is picking up bags of trash as well. Its hard to tell whats in the bags when they are all white.
Here is my plunder! 
Here is the collection when my truck was all unloaded. I managed to pick a few bags up that had trash and...that was gross. I will save you from throwing up all over the computer screen and not tell you the things I found.  Its all part of the experience.. Somehow I managed to pick up a bag that had all the food from their fridge in there..that isn't going to be useful for my yard sale. 
One of my friends was kind enough to go through this pile of gross and awesome finds! 
Out of this we got lots of clothes, navy uniforms galore, shoes, girls clothes, books, toys, table, highchair, dog bowl feeder stand thing (whatever its called), and lots more stuff!! hooray for yard sale stuff from the side of the road! 
When we were all done, we had five bags of trash. My trash can was full so I decided to be a nice guy and bring them back their trash. Stealth mode and sneaky like...the garbage men will thank me because I packed that trash up nice and neatly and they wont have to endure the smell of food that has been sitting on the side of the road for the past 4 days. 
My most interesting find on Friday night was a very warm unopened packaged of mesquite BBQ pork tenderloin in the middle of a bag of clothes (random)
and Saturday nights most interesting find is between a binder full of bills and personal information belonging to the previous owners of their trash (my treasures), very risque adult costumes (sorry they wont be at my sale) and a bottle of is amazing how much you can find out about a person when you go through their trash. 
I hope I will be telling you about my next side of the road junk dive soon! 
I would also like to add that I thanked the Lord wholeheartedly for providing 10 more bags of items!  

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