Snow in our little neck of the woods

Well...After a long hiatus from blogging about our life, I am back. My first post about the end of February...
The highlights of this week for everyone has been snow!!!! Compared to the 7 feet my parents have managed to accumulate over the past 2 1/2 weeks, 6 inches sounds a little lame...but for this area, it is a lot! And the most super awesome part about it, is that it is still stickin' around!! The kids have been having so much fun in it! It was so bright and sunny yesterday and the icicles were steadily dripping off the house, but boy, that sun sure was deceptive! It was soo cold outside!
The stores were finally open again yesterday, so we could get some groceries..not that we needed a lot, but some people (not me) were getting a little cabin fever. It was cold everywhere we went, because the wind was so bitter. The kids were not deterred by that wind at all, and when we got home, they bundled up in their snow suits and went outside.
Fat cat and Skinny Cat have been in the house curled up on couches and pillows for the past 3 days and are quite content to be in the house. My wonderful husband made Zeke bun bun (our bunny) a new cage to go inside the garage. He is quite content in there out of  the wind and burrowed up in the straw underneath the heat lamp.
We had friends come over on the four wheeler and gave the kids rides in the empty lot next door and the kids had fun playing with their friends. Schoolwork did not really happen a whole lot this week, After all it does not snow on this side of the world too often! So when it does, we swiftly breath in cold air, soak up the snow in our socks, boots, mittens, hats, and our jackets..curl up on the couch and watch a movie while we wait for the dryer to dry up our clothes, and then repeat the process until bedtime.I love winter!!

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