Glorious and Beautiful Messes..

     We are truly a Glorious and Beautiful mess over here these days! We have been enjoying lots of snow followed by a warm and sunny day yesterday with a temp. of 23 degrees C. (74 degrees F {for all my American readers} ) and, right now it is snowing again..Love me some east coast crazy weather. You can never put away the shorts or snow pants. Our yard is a gloriously sloppy mushy mess, and the puddles are Large and perfect for little ones to jump in. During the day my house is kind of a mess (gasp)..yes its true, but it is put back to order after supper dishes are put away, and it look beautiful!
     We are sighing a relief over here, knowing that my husband will be getting paid for another year. I look back a few days ago, and admire once again, the way the Lord put that husband of mine and me together so many years ago, and how well we compliment each other. When I am weak, then he is strong, and when he is weak then I am strong. 
It was stressing me out weather we were going to continue getting paid or not. We just bought a house, trying to adopt, we have vehicles, we have kids, we have cats, we need food to survive.. (so dramatic I know) 
But through this entire time, my husband was confident that we were going to make it through this time, and I prayed so much. And then just as I laid all of my woes and struggles at the feet of Jesus to take, I would walk like five steps away, and then they were all of a sudden mysteriously on my shoulders again. It is so easy for us to say we give it to God, but the reality is, is that it is such a challenge. It is the most simplest thing to do, yet our flesh cannot let it be, because in our own strength we think we can figure out a solution all on our own. God gives us such grace, and he never loses faith in us because He loves us. 
God, saw us through.. He saw us through, and He has provided for us. 

Now for an update on our Adoption. We have a new country, and a new focus! And..we are having our last Home Study meeting next week! They have all been going well and the process has been going smoothly. I can't wait to tell you all about our Home Study Approval once that happens! God has been faithful. I cannot go into great detail about our Adoption process, but we will be adopting from South Africa. I need to give a shout out to my Mom, and my sisters, who have been a wealth of information, and freely given their opinions on deciding which country to go with and reassuring me that it is OK to say no. I love the wisdom that they have been given.
Now pray for us, as we spend the weekend doing some of our required adoption training on adoption.

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