God is Good!

Hello Loyal Readers!
 I am finally able to share what I have wanted to post for like..ever! Our home study is completed and approved and we are on to a fresh set of paperwork and more fees!! I am so excited!! God is so good and so constant and faithful in everything.
No paperwork would be complete without some hitches, like your wife is an alien (resident) in the country and husband has no clue where his passport is that he really needs and confusion over what to fill into what places on paperwork.
I'm telling you, filling out your information for a dentist form is a cake walk now. I glance over it, and exclaim out loud "I've got this! Piece of cake" and then hand in the form 5 minutes later and 4 sides completed, dated and signed!
I finally went to the dentist by the way. After 5 years of staying away from them like the plague...
I have an amazing dentist. She may even help me overcome my fear of the word dentist.
You know its time to go to the dentist when you hear that word all the time, you get things in the mail from dentists who want "your smile"... you are reading a romance novel, and then hit the part in the book where the old lady traveling on the boat from England to america gets sick and she looses her false teeth as she gives her supper to the raging seas...and the word teeth seems like it is just shouting out at you from the magazine articles..teeth, tooth, dentist. cavities..toothpaste!!!
 Yeah...its not as bad as you think people! My dentist even wants to crown my teeth! What a nice dentist! :D
Totally got side tracked there.....
 So yeah, we are home-study approved!

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