The Whisper of Love...

As I sit here this morning, the sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon and is shining a bright sunny glow over my magnolia tree. I was reading in Galatians 1:5-9 for my devotions this morning. Verse 5 caught my eye and halted me abruptly in my read: "I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ."
There was great conviction behind this verse for me. I have struggles, as do all of us..
It amazes me how the world lures us back into itself when our relationship with God is not as strong as it need to be so that we can overcome this world and the darkness and the corruption that so easily coils  around us and pulls us down and through the mire and mud. It begins as subtle and gently as a snowflake and then before I know, there is a huge snowball before me made up of worldly things. It is toxic to my soul and I loose my view of who God is because I cannot see in front of me. My view is marred. The snowball is ugly, covered in deception, deceit, unforgiveness, gossip, anger, annoyance, frustration and selfishness.  
Silently the Lord in His still small, mighty voice says something that captures my heart, and brings me to my knees in anguish, and repentance. How can I possibly take my eyes off of someone who offers hope, and beauty and delight in me..
He is faithful and just and forgives me, he places my crown that was at His feet back on my head, and calls me His precious daughter, I am His beloved, I am His joy and His Delight, I am His treasure, His jewel, the one lost sheep that He left the other 99 for to find me..In my frailty and my weakness He seeks after me, to capture my heart again.
 His Son shines brightly on me, His forgiveness is poured out over me like a healing balm. That ugly snowball is all but melted and that crimson stain is as white as snow...His love is like the gently falling snow that sticks to my eyelashes and melts on me as it hits my skin. His love poured out over me and over you....

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