A Blessing Within a Blessing

My love and me have been really busy over the past week. We have the entire garage organized and our beautiful porch was put back to rights! I don't look like a hoarder anymore! I'm sure that my mail man is totally thrilled that he doesn't have to climb over  mountains anymore to get to the mailbox and the milk man is probably very happy not to have to search for the cooler. As I glance around my porch right now it strikes me once again.. I am blessed.

We fail to see all of the little blessings inside a huge blessing at the time we receive the blessing.

For example: Almost 2 years ago we bought this house. It has a huge wrap around porch, is almost twice the size of the rental we were in, it has a two story garage. a big yard, and lovely neighbors.
Now I could dissect each one of these because they all have a story, and maybe someday I will, but for now..my porch and garage.
My porch is the envy of everyone who comes to visit me. It could easily be a Better Homes and Gardens Porch..(someday I am hoping to take all of this blue paint off and bring it back to its original color)...It is really big. It has a swing. In one corner there is an entire sitting area complete with a couch, two chairs, two side tables and a really pretty rug. Behind that I have a table and 4 chairs to sit and eat at. At the other end of the porch I have a BBQ and another chair and table.
This porch has entertained many guests and is a wonderful place to spend time in the word and catch a cool breeze on those hot summer days, while sipping a cold glass of lemonade.
Most recently this porch became a collection area. It held 3 full vans, 1/2 an SUV, and 2 pickup trucks worth of yard sale donations with room to spare, and then another van full of stuff, then another van load... and then 1/4 of the porch was filled with the neighbors left over, 'we arent taking this because we are moving' stuff. There was a tiny pathway and that was all that was left. Long story short: My porch holds quite a bit of stuff!
All that stuff had to move into the garage sooner than later. The garage had to be organized before all the porch stuff could move in there. So after a few days of moving and sectioning off areas in the garage we were able to move all of that stuff in. This is the first time we are utilizing the upstairs of our garage. It is currently holding..All the clothes, and the shoes, and the bags and purses, and the sheets and blankets..There is a little path up there, but the piles are high on each side of the path. 
All that is let downstairs is sections of other stuff. I am selling the furniture on offerup really quickly which is making more room downstairs. The bigger stuff is moving and selling quickly as well. 
Now I have room for even more stuff!! and my husband still has the small part of the garage to do all his woodworking and manly stuff. I am trying really really hard not to store anything in there! I never thought that the garage would be used so well, and store so much stuff!! Its a blessing within a blessing!

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