Selling Without a Yard Sale

Lets talk selling things for a minute...Our city only permits two yard sales a year, and you have to have a permit. You have to pay a $5 fee to the city and hope that you make more than $5 in your yard sale to make it worth it. Ridiculous, but that's the way it is. I talked to a police officer about it one time, who thought it was ridiculous too. He said "We have far more important things to do than check if someone has a permit." So technically I could get away with it..but I like the idea of holding up the law far more than having the remote 5% chance Id be asked to show my permit. Would I have to pay a fine? If I did, I would be out far more than $5 and wish I had just paid the $5.... a vicious cycle. Anyways I wanted to share with you how I make money during the times that I dont have yard sales. There is a new app called OfferUp I absolutely love it! Some people I know don't love it so much. My experience has been good so far though, and I am learning as I go along. Its an app where you can sell your things online. Its like Craigslist. I have not tried Craigslist. It freaks me out. I have heard a lot of horror stories, and I'd rather not participate in that. So OfferUp is the way I go. In 3 easy steps you have something listed. You take a picture, write a description and determine and pick your price, and click Sell Now and you are done! Easy Peasy,. Yesterday we sold two chairs and made $110. I have so much more out in the garage Id like to sell, but one or two things at a time is as fast as I can go. I find if I stage the item in my house somewhere instead of in my garage (with its concrete floor and sheet rock walls)it has a lot more charm and appeal..
So if you are looking to make some extra money off of your stuff this is a great way to do it. 
From my experience so far here is my advice:
1.) Make sure your items are clean.
2.)Make sure your items work.
2.) Stage your items, like you use them.
3.) Depending on your conversation with a potential buyer, meet at a neutral location. If you feel comfortable enough they can come to your house.
4.) If they want it delivered. Charge a delivery fee. 
5.) Make sure when you sell something, and have the cash in hand that you mark the item sold so you don't have any more inquiries.
6.) When pricing your items, determine what price you would like to get for an item and then add an extra $5 or $10 to the item. People will ask if you would take a lower amount for the item. They will think they are getting a deal and you will get what you wanted for it all along. Its a win win!!
So far that's all the experienced advice, but if I have more, I will add it! 

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