I look like a hoarder!!

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Today I started a Bible Study that has already been challenging me and confirming things. 
 Its called Love God Greatly, Names of God.
Today's reading was about when Abraham and Isaac went up to Mt. Moriah so that Abraham could give Isaac as a burnt offering to the Lord. 
     I thought that this mornings time in the word was simply lovely. I will admit that when I started I was like: What am I going to get out of this read today? Yes Abraham put Isaac on the alter and a ram appeared and they all lived happily ever after.." But before I really started to dive in, I prayed and asked the Lord to open my eyes. Now I have 5 full pages in my journal. Isn't that always the way it goes? 
 smile emotiI find this passage is a path I am walking on right now. I am following God one step at a time. I am making sacrifices and seeing God's provision.  May I share a real moment here? We have not tithed in over a year. We have been living from pay check to pay check. Last month we started tithing. We miraculously had money left over at the end of the month and the bills were paid! This month, we are focusing on raising money for our adoption. We are almost at the, waiting for a referral phase. The very costly phase.
As you can see, God delivered just a few boxes to my door.On Saturday a local church donated all of their left over items from their church yard sale to us. It took 3 full vans, our SUV and 2 truck beds to bring it all over to our house, and because it had poured in the morning and sprinkling into the evening the back yard was to soggy to bring it all to the garage, so it has found a place on our porch for the time being. After church on Sunday my friend came over and we had lunch together. She helped me try to go through some of this stuff. I saw my neighbors had a U-haul truck infront of their house and asked my neighbor if they were moving. Indeed they were. It was really sudden, but she had a pile in her backyard of stuff they were going to get rid of and asked if  I wanted any of it. Of course I did! So we went over to my neighbors house and got a whole bunch of stuff there instead of bringing stuff to the garage. Adding to my pile, it started to get a little more crowded on the porch. My friend had to leave for a while so I went upstairs in the garage and started moving stuff around up there because we are at that point where we are going to need to use the upstairs. After about half an hour of being up there my friend texted me and told me someone she knows is bringing over a few things. I was so excited! It feels like Christmas! I texted my Mr. some pictures of the porch and let him know we are officially looking like hoarders!!  My friend's friend came over with a crammed van full of awesomeness! I am feeling just slightly overwhelmed but I know we will work hard to pack it all up into the garage and are thinking about having a yard sale before the year is up. 
Just like Abraham was willing to be obedient and sacrifice, we have been obedient to the Lord's calling  and the Lord has provided the provision. He is so good and so faithful. We are called to adoption, and we are following his footsteps one at a time....I will never stop being amazed and rendered speechless when I follow His will.

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