Apparently..I AM so Excited!!!!

It is about to get CRAZY up in here!! We have decided that we are going to go ahead and have ourselves a little yard sale.Did I say little...I mean an enormous, gigantic, epic, Monster Yard Sale. We have prayed about it and feel its time, not to mention that the weather is going to be gorgeous for a yard sale. We are talking sunny and a balmy 19.C (66.F) on both days! In the middle of December...I'm super duper excited! I'm pretty sure we had snow this time last year..
 School will be put on hold for the week (the beauty of homeschooling!) and I have friends coming over for the rest of the week plus some little ladies, (from a girls group that I help teach) are going to come over and earn some service hours! I'm excited!
Today I went online and found crock pot recipes that I am going to try out for the rest of the week...I realized when I was almost done making my list that all of the recipes are I am going to make potato soup one night. We may be sick of chicken by Thursday...
I am just so excited!! I cannot wait to watch the Lord work in this!! To show his power and glory and his provision, and I can't wait to show and tell with you all the fun stories!
So yes, Apparently I Am So excited!! But who wouldn't be when you get to watch God do what God does best! To show Himself faithful and get the glory and honor for it all.

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